How to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi

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Publisert: november 1, 2021 (4 uker siden)
  1. Finish the initial HP printer setup using  and connect to the compatible device.
  2. Now, connect the HP printer, Wireless router, and compatible device to the standard network connection.
  3. Provide the same network connection to all the devices which is connected.
  4. Move near the wireless router, press the WPS button on it, and wait till the printer responds to the router’s  Wi-Fi setup .
  5. Further, press the  wireless setup  button on the connected  HP printer.
  6. Meanwhile, select the desired network and promptly press the Wi-Fi button on the connected HP printer. 
  7. Add the printer to it using the detected printer name.
  8. Once the HP Printer is added to the setup, print the test page to ensure the printer setup using a Wi-Fi setup.

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